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  • Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace

    by Keithra Morley

    The book, Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace, is my personal story of a difficult childhood, mistakes that ensued, and ultimately the decision I made to follow Christ which has lead to a triumphant victory over the enslavement that I found myself in. I feel that the journey the reader will be lead through in this personal reflection of my life will bring inspiration and empowerment to all who read the pages of this book. I have a great passion to see young girls taught at an early age that they are not bound by the circumstances in their life. They are fully capable of making life changing decisions that will lead them on a path worth traveling. I hope to inspire precious girls to seek God’s direction for their lives and not let the fear of failure rule over them. Instead, I want to encourage them to seek positive people to influence them and help them reach their goals, being ever mindful that God is greater than any of their circumstances.

  • Live Bully Proof: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To NEVER Be Bullied Again…EVER!

    by Chris Warner

    Confident students act and think differently than most. That’s the reason they produce superior results and achieve higher levels of success. When practiced on a consistence basis, confidence leads to massive courage and massive courage ultimately builds top-achievement. As obvious as it sounds, students who work to improve, actually improve! Chris Warner brings you a book that contains a simple, yet highly-effective 5-step system, that when properly implemented, creates enormous confidence, courage and tenacity. His down-to-earth, no non-sense and transparent approach pulls zero punches when explaining that his LiveBullyProof philosophy isn’t easy, but it is simple. Chris’ brutal honesty never apologizes when he reminds us that life is hard, success takes determination and progress requires persistence. He promises that anyone who chooses to LiveBullyProof will build strength to conquer fear, fortitude to push past resistance and grit to endure failure. The goal of this book to show those who have ever suffered from debilitating fear, crippling self-doubt or overwhelming feelings of worthlessness how to step fully into who YOU were born to be with reckless abandon and to embrace YOUR purpose with a total disregard for others thoughts, labels and opinions. LiveBullyProof is a mantra for anyone void of hope, unable to defend themselves, questions their self-worth, lives under a cloud of inferiority or for those who just feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Live Bully Proof represents all that YOU need to be YOU, every second of every day! Help has arrived and it will NEVER leave YOU! EVER!

  • BE Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self Love

    by Tiffany A. Wright MSW

    This book provides an insightful, sometimes humorous guide to help abolish the notion that you have to be “Superwoman” in order for your life to matter. The idea of being “all things to all people” could be at least part of the reason why you are not truly happy and healthy. The goal of this book is to help you truly examine the elements in your life that serve as stressors disguised as “necessary evils.” Let’s face it—many of the “evils” we manage on a day-to-day basis are not necessary. Once you have identified the challenges, the next step is to determine how to work around, get over, go through simply ignore them—all for the greater good; a healthier, happier you.

  • BE Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self Love

    by Tiffany A. Wright MSW

    Rarely are young girls taught the importance of, or even introduced to the concept of self love. Those young girls become women who experience lessons in love, relationships, health, self-acceptance, and their careers in lieu of having a sense of intuitive awareness and self love. One of life’s greatest adventures is the journey of exploring how to love yourself. A simple truth of today, is that the millennial woman often lacks self love. BE Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self Love, takes you through a month-long journey of daily intentions and actions that will assist you in focusing on your understanding of this special journey. If you find yourself questioning your purpose, unfulfilled by your job/career, often in conflicts with others, having a difficult time accepting your body, in unhealthy relationships, having issues with regret or fear, or just in need of a deeper relationship with yourself, this book is for you.

  • The Deeper the Roots, the Juicier the Fruits!
    8 Spiritual Practices for a Juicy Life

    by Debbie Barnett

    What to live a juicy, rich life? Here’s how! You will discover how easy it is to make small changes for big impact, live your spirituality in daily life, manifest your dreams through the power of intention, utilize ancient yoga practices on a daily basis, express your creative nature, experience joy, love, peace, happiness and more! Juicy!

  • The Student Success Action Guide

    by Arel Moodie

    How frustrating is it for a student who wants to be successful, has a desire to change their life but doesn’t know what steps to take. The Student Success Action Guide is set up to help young students take one action per day to help move them toward their goals of becoming successful in school and getting into and getting through college. There are 180 steps for the average 180 day school year. Each step is simple to do but produces powerful results. Compounded over one year and any student going through these steps will become more successful, guaranteed.

  • Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode

    by Travis Lloyd

    Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode is a balance of personal stories and perspective that is interwoven, and it works! Travis humanizes how trauma can play out in an individual for a deeper understanding. This book will help you look at other factors, besides just behaviors and symptoms. Overcoming Emotional Trauma is not only for professionals working with those who have experienced trauma, but for those who have experienced trauma themselves. The information included in this book can also have a wide spread application for the many systems we navigate in our daily lives, and for anyone who is interested in self-awareness and growth. Travis’ story encapsulates what many of those operating in “survival mode” are actively living, which is sometimes difficult to put into words or describe. ~Alyssa Shepard, LMSW, Children and Family Therapist -Iowa

  • The Beauty Of An Ugly Start

    by Ella Laverne Rucker

    Stop staying up at night worrying about if you can make your idea work, and GET UP and get working on your idea! 

    This book will help you see that you don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great!

  • Aspirations: Achieving What You Want For Yourself and Your Life

    by Mark Mikelat

    You need Aspirations. Your Aspirations are your lifeblood. They sustain you, empower you, and give you purpose and direction in life towards ultimate happiness and fulfillment. As you need air to breathe, food to eat, and water to drink, your Aspirations, too, are a needed daily nutrient.

  • The Playlist for Life

    by Christie Miller

    Your favorite tunes can change your life forever!

    What if I told you you one thing that could make your food taste better, your body push harder, your significant other appear hotter and generally guarantee a successful life?

    Creating your dream life doesn’t have to be complicated.  Personal development shouldn’t be heavy all the time.  Instead, you can find inspiration in what surrounds you whether that’s your loved ones, a walk in nature, or even your favorite pop song. 

    Enter The Playlist for Life. It’s a library of lessons learned from diverse and sometimes surprising  sources.  Maestro, cue music…

  • Whatever It Takes!

    by Nick Ugoalah

    Whatever It Takes: Extraordinary strategies that you can apply to your life to start seeing results immediately! This book will be your most coveted resource. It will help you create a can-do attitude towards your life and ultimately the success you want. Your full potential is waiting to be unleashed, what are you waiting for? Discover how to find and do whatever it takes to: *Set realistic and achievable goals *Find a mentor in your industry *Discover the secrets that make self-discipline easy *Learn to relax and overcome stress immediately *Uncover the secret to truly visualizing success *Create mutually beneficial relationships *Learn Ugoalah’s legendary process of maximizing and streaming your life